Once you define your different sales opportunities, it’s important to understand how each role within the sales organization fits within those sales opportunities. It’s important to have your sales team divided up into four core parts:

1. Inbound lead qualification
2. Outbound prospector
3. Closers. Generally called account executives or outside sales agents in real estate.
4. Fulfillment. These include your account managers and customer service reps.

“Closers are generally terrible prospectors.”

The reasons why you want to have these roles divided are:

1. It takes different personality types to master these roles.
2. Your productivity will be exponentially greater.
3. You will have more predictable revenue and happier salespeople.
4. It gives teams the ability to create raving fans.

What we want to focus on here is the outbound strategy. The outbound prospector is the person who is looking at a highly targeted list and reaching out on an outbound basis to convert those people into potential clients. 

Once they are identified as a potential client, they become part of the inbound team. That team would then qualify the lead to make sure it’s a quality lead and can be passed on to the outbound sales person who can close the lead. 

People who are closers are generally terrible prospectors and great prospectors aren’t always the greatest closers.

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