New Client Onboarding

$1,995.00/One Time
  • We recruit top calling talent
  • All applicants are rigorously tested
  • Passing applicants are interviewed
  • Passing interview applicants enter into our live two week boot-camp
  • Final applicants are then tested live on the phone for two weeks
  • We track their performance and they must meet our minimum standards
  • We hire your VA caller once they meet all criteria and pass all training requirements
  • Set-up on Five9 profesional call center software
  • Script creation for all of your campaigns
  • Coaching on your data purchase to ensure the best prospect lists
  • Load all contacts into your Five9 profesional call center software
  • Deliver a full-time VA caller fully trained
  • We insure your caller’s performance and will replace them, if they do not perform

Monthly Outbound Prospecting

$2,350.00/Per Month
  • Access to our entire staff of outbound calling experts
  • Management of all your calling campaigns
  • Supervision & quality assurance of your VA caller
  • A full-time VA caller- 40 hours per week
  • Average of 450 to 750 outbound calls daily
  • Ongoing weekly training for your VA caller
  • Daily analytics and metrics tracking on every call
  • Weekly reporting and performance tracking on all campaigns
  • Weekly adjustments based on performance of all campaigns
  • Removal of previous DNC/TCPA litigants from your lists
  • Ongoing management of your Five9 professional call center software
  • Set-Up Internal Do-Not-Call Policy so you’re protected
  • Start and end of day reporting every day
  • Daily huddles with your caller so they stay motivated and on task
  • Weekly coaching calls to help you convert the leads that we send you
  • Your calls are recorded so you can hear your VA caller’s performance