Friends and clients,

What does time management look like at 1000 Calls A Day? How do we keep our employees accountable?

Since most of our employees work remotely, we have a workforce monitor on our team. Wanie uploads and scrubs lists into autodialers, pulls recordings, and assists our VAs if they have technical issues with their dialers. She also pulls productivity reports to make sure that our VAs are online when they are supposed to be.

We also use daily huddles, coaching calls, and weekly client check-ins to keep track of our VAs. Not only that, our VAs are in constant communication via a chat thread. Each team and each client has their own chat thread in Google Hangouts.

There is a management chat thread that keeps track of whether or not people have logged in. For example, one of our VAs recently changed shifts; if he forgets and logs in according to his previous shift, his manager will let the other managers know in the chat thread. If VAs need to log out of their dialer, there are certain codes they can enter so the managers know why the VA is offline.

Of course, sometimes VAs are simply MIA. If we cannot get ahold of them once, they get a verbal warning; if it happens again, they are fired. Time management is especially important when you have remote employees, and we have honed our system to keep our VAs accountable.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about 1000CAD, register here or reach out to me with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!