People ask me all the time which CRM they should use, and to answer this question, I say that the best CRM is the one you will actually know how to use and use regularly. 

A lot of CRMs do many amazing things, but if you don’t know how to use them or you’re not comfortable with them and you can’t take advantage of all of their features, they’re worthless. If you want to grow your business, just find one that has automation attached to it and has functions that you’ll actually use to grow your business. 

In case you’re wondering, there are many CRMs out there, but we’re not married to any single one. A lot of people also usually want to know if we work through your CRM and put leads into it, and the answer depends on your CRM. Certain CRMs do have integration. The calling software we use on a daily basis is called Five9, and there are certain CRMs that will integrate directly with that so all the leads go automatically into your CRM

There’s another method that’s more common, though, and it’s one that most of our clients use. They’ll attach an email address to the CRM, and any email that gets sent to that address is then pulled into your CRM and classified as a certain type of lead. 

“There are many CRMs out there, but we’re not married to any single one.”

Additionally, we make sure to send all of our leads through a web form. As soon as the VA fills in all the information, gets the lead, and pre-qualifies it, you get an email alert that tells you about that lead and gives you all its information. That information either goes directly into your CRM or gets pulled into it. 

Some people don’t want this, though. Some would rather make their inside sales team take that lead, call them, and then manually put them into the CRM. 

We use Infusionsoft as our CRM but, again, it doesn’t matter which one you use. You just need to find one that’s affordable and has features you’ll consistently use on a daily basis. 

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