What kind of service and results you can expect when you allow us to go to work for you? Allow us to explain.

0:00  Why Outbound Prospecting: Seeds (refs), Nets (traditional marketing), and Spears 
(extremely targeted and niche to go after) 
    -Referrals, Marketing, Outbound Prospecting 
    -How to scale and control your lead flow 

4:00  Exactly Who 1000 Calls A Day can help and who our ideal client is
    -Experienced Investor
    -Larger Real Estate Sales Team 
    -CRM, Designated Lead Follow-Up Person, Automation, etc.
    -Budget for 6 to 12 months 

6:21  Who we call and how we purchase the best data
    -Most likely to sell criteria 

8:25  Hiring 1000 Calls vs. Doing it yourself 
    -Hiring In-House 
    -Hiring contractors in the United States 
    -Contracting 1000 Calls A Day 
12:25  How many calls a day can we really do and what is offered? 
    -450 to 1000 calls per day 
    -Additional technology and executing outbound calling 

14:30  Training, supervision, management, and leadership
    -Scaling the outbound calling process 
    -We ensure that you have a caller meeting our minimum performance criteria

18:00  Understanding our average daily numbers 

19:40  How do we define a lead and what is the criteria? 

22:55  What does 1000 Calls A Day do and how do you justify your start-up fee? 

30:20  Understanding your potential ROI and what is the investment to get started? 

34:10  What else does someone need to consider before hiring 1000 Calls A Day? 
Video Link Mentioned: https://1000callsaday.com/want-to-maximize-your-roi-with-us-you-must-have-these-5-things.html 

37:11  Closing Summary